Acne Holistic Treatment – Simple Tips

Here are some easy acne holistic treatment tips that everyone can implement which do not involve you buying any types of medications or lotions.

1.  Keep Your Hair Off Your Face – For those who have long hair or bangs, you want to try to keep your hair off your forehead and sides of your face since your hair has oil in it.

2.  Avoid Touching Your Face – Your hands have oil on them naturally. Plus if your hands are not clean to begin with, you could be transferring dirt along with the oils onto your face.

3.  Don’t Pick at Pimples – Even if you think it is ready to pop, you want to avoid squeezing pimples. When you squeeze pimples, you are irritating the healthy skin around the acne and causing it unnecessary trauma.

4.  Avoid the Multiple Blades Razors & Change the Blade Regularly – Not only do you want to avoid shaving over areas with acne, but you also want to be sure to change your razor on a regular basis. Using an old blade makes is easier to cut yourself and bacteria can build up on the edges of the blades.

Additionally, if you are having a bad breakout, don’t use the 4 or 5 blade razors. The multiple blades are to give you a closer shave, and you do not want to be cutting closely over acne.

5.  Go Natural – Wearing makeup can irritate skin and clog pores. Also, in hotter weather when you sweat, you are sweating through make-up.
The key to avoiding breakouts is to follow simple acne holistic treatment to keep your skin clean, clear and healthy.

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